About us

We love gourmet food as much as you do. That’s why we’ve been cooking authentic premium quality cuisine for over 25 years. Welcome to CGG.

Who we are

Previously Sweet & Spice. 

For over 25 years, Zarrar Arshad has been producing high quality authentic product on the popular Mill Road in his restaurant.  We believe that a healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy diet.

Our focus is to provide cuisines that are nutritious and delicious. Our products always feature as many local, organic ingredients as possible.

Why choose us​

We are proud to be featuring premium quality ingredients in our restaurant.

All grilled meat is gently marinated and cooked in a charcoal oven,
served with salad and a chilli or yoghurt sauce.

All our meat is boneless, chosen to taste to perfection

Homemade style Biryani and Kabsa.
We use the best quality of meat and chicken and the highest quality of Basmati Rice.
All cooked in fresh spices and served with speciality sauces.

Gourmet Restaurant with online takeaway and table bookings.

Restaurant is proud to be serving fine food for more than 25 years!